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Why Choose Shelley's Social?


We know the importance of accurate  and regular social media posts. At SSM, you get your own social media consultant.  You won't have to worry about updating your own social media accounts. Your social media consultant will expertly manage your business’s online presence to gain engagement, expand your web presence, create goal orientated campaigns and increase your social media presence through online presence optimization altogether!


We get awesome results. Check out Google Reviews. We have seen great successes with everyone from large industrial companies to local taverns.


We work with businesses of all types and sizes. Every business and industry requires a specific targeted approach. We have experience working with large and small businesses and are ready to develop a targeted strategy and plan that’s just right for you.


We can work in place of or alongside your marketing team. Save time and money by using our services to complement your current marketing efforts. We are flexible and willing to working with a variety of custom situations. We will be as hands on as you prefer.

About Shelley

My name is Shelley, and after receiving a BA in Computer Science, associates degree in web-design, and numerous certifications in social media, I decided to build Shelley’s Social Media so businesses of all kinds could reach higher levels of recognition online.


We are recognized experts in all platforms of social media including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest, and Snapchat. As innovators of online presence optimization, we also ensure that your business not only is visible everywhere possible but also meets Google’s specifications and best practices.  


When it comes to your brand and your image online, presence is king. The marketplace is more competitive than ever before, and if you are not prepared to stand out, you are probably going to fall behind.


Helping companies leverage their brands, products, and services to larger audiences and growing sales has been an incredible passion of mine and a fulfilling career.​


I have consulted with over 100 businesses I helping them shape their online presence and reputation.  From community recognition to search engine optimization, reaching more customers online, we provide a wealth of unique and metric-driven tools to accomplish your goals. We’d love the opportunity to show you what we do and how we can help your business accomplish its objectives as well.  


I love working with each and every client providing personalized attention and a customized approach to each new relationship. 


Meet Our Team


Meet the people that "hold up the ship" at Shelley's Social Media. 

Senior Web Design/ Marketing Specialist

Web Design Expert 

Social Media Specialist

Chief Operating Officer in Training

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Social Media Specialist

Senior Web Design/ Marketing Specialist

Podcast Host

Senior Web Design/ Marketing Specialist

Content Creator

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Our Partners


We partner up with trusted allies to bring you the services that you need at an affordable price.


Voted *Best City Wedding* at the last MN Wedding Video Awards, we offer reasonably priced cinematic wedding videography. Our signature LOVE STORY was the genesis of the name Storyteller Videography, where we aimed to get at what's often missed in modern wedding video, the unique personalities, style and backstory of the couple.

That vision is consistent in our cinematic wedding day productions.

Through effective storytelling, we hope all of our viewers, even those who don't know you, to feel an emotional connection to your story!

Wedding films aren't all we do however! We also offer:

  • Flat Rate Event Videography

  • Small Business Stories

  • "Family Legacy" Videos


When I got my drone, I found another perspective on the world. I had a lot of fun flying it around, taking photo's and sharing with my friends. After I became more experienced at that, I was asked to submit photo's to local news stations and for the company I work for. I realized at that point, that my hobby was growing into something more. I bought a super nice camera and started taking pictures. I would show people my photo's and they would offer to buy them. So, I bought frames and have a bunch of photos for sale. Then my friend from Shelley's Social Media introduced me to Hot Shot Heels to do some photo shoots. Together we took pics which she loved and now are putting together a calendar for them. It's gone from a hobby to a business in a matter of months. I love taking photos. That is all I know.


MixedMedia Marketing is a hands-on creative group specializing in video production and graphic design.

We’re the kind that puts your needs first. (Very un-agency-like, we know.)   We don’t have much of a liquor cabinet, but we do enjoy a tall cold one with clients and friends.  We don’t power lunch at the Ritz, but we’re always up for some carne asada fries and a good podcast recommendation. We hate marketing buzzwords and job titles that end in “Rockstar.”   You don’t need to know about cross-platform convergence, image resolution for print and digital nor what a vector graphic is, because we do. Simply put we’d be happy to help you authentically connect with your customers.

What exactly do we do? The short answer is, whatever our clients need to grow. A bit longer answer is, Creative Print Design, Digital Design, Video Production, Editing, Web Development and Image Retouching. More.....