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Members Page

Shelley's Social Media Members page offers special content on social media tools to improve the online presence that you don't normally get as a regular website visitor. Learn how to create your own Google Review Link. Shelley's Social Media Content Calendar Template gives you a good start on your social media strategy. Learn how to define your target market with our step by step guide. We have a guide for Facebook Page Categories, you can measure where you are at with your category and see if it's the right fit with ours. Build your facebook audience persona with our step by step guide. We have industry-specific Facebook posting times to make the most out of your posts.  There is an example social media calendar that you can work off of to improve your content on your calendar.How you create a custom Facebook audience. We give you step by step ways to customize your Facebook audience for your ads. There is an audience survey form for you to create to help you get a better idea of what your audience wants.