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Education & Coaching Services
Social media can still be new for many business owners. Although you may use it in your personal life, it’s a very different thing to use for marketing your business.
This service educates you to do social media yourself.
We know the lingo and the specific types of content to talk to your audience on different platforms. Our service can help you avoid using corporate jargon and adopt a more conversational and friendly approach to interacting with your customers/fans.
We assist you in creating social media policy, empowering employees to use social media and even help you build your social media team.
Terms and Conditions: 
This service is $75/per hour and must be paid in full before services are rendered. We accept Paypal, Credit Card or Debit Card through the online payment processing portion of our Social Media Coaching page on our website.
We use email, messaging and Zoom for coaching sessions. After payment has been made, one of our associates will be in contact with you via email to set up your session.