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Campaign & Community
While helping you get started with social media is useful, you may require comprehensive support for your ongoing social media management. This service allows us to work alongside your business as an extension of your marketing department.
You will get Real-time campaign management which helps you make the most of your social media strategy. we got your back by observing what your audience is discussing, give you tips on improving your content and look for opportunities for branded content creation.
Terms and Conditions: 
This service is a 6-month contract of $450/Mo and must be paid each month in full before services are rendered. We accept Paypal, Credit Card or Debit Card through the online payment processing portion of our Social Media Coaching page on our website. You are required to pay the initial payment through the online venue as mentioned in this paragraph. You will be invoiced on a monthly basis on the same day that you signed on for this service. For Example: If you signed on Jan 3rd, you will be billed on the 3rd of each month. 
We use email, messaging and Zoom for coaching sessions. After payment has been made, one of our associates will be in contact with you via email to set up your session. At the session, we gather your social media platforms, any online directories that you are listed in, social media marketing goals, details of your business and get to know you. Together with your marketing team, we will create a social media strategy. You will give our team access to your platforms so we can monitor your social media efforts, discuss with you our observations and "tweak" off branded or off strategy content.