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Mobile-Friendly Websites are Important


Mobile-friendly websites are important, and statistics back that up. For years now, statistics have been telling us people are using phones and mobile tablets to do business more and more. It is crucial to understand just why mobile-friendly websites are important. Statistics are telling numbers: if your website is not mobile-friendly, now is the time to rectify that unfortunate fact.

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Ways to Improve your SEO rankings in 2020


Google makes over 3000 algorithm changes per year. SEO isn’t something that you learn once, and it’s good to go forever. If you aren’t continually testing, you won’t outrank your competitors.... More

What's Trending in Social Media in 2020?


Technology changes and social media evolves. We see it all the time! The days of a platform being just for family and friends to chat, share photos, or post funny videos is long gone... More

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Covid 19
What to put in your  COVID-19 statement


Over the past few days, we've put up a few COVID-19 statements on client websites. No two of them are the same, but they all do have some things in common.

I have also gotten a bunch of COVID-19 emails from businesses...More

Avoid These Posts on LinkedIn


LinkedIn is described as the world's largest professional network with over 500Million people with a 'profile'.

Influencer James Potter goes as far as to say that "LinkedIn is NOT social media! .... More

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How to Look Better on Zoom


The COVID19 social distancing has left a lot of us to do virtual meetings.

If you are using Zoom, you are aware that the webcam on your computer isn't always forgiving. My camera is set up in my office in a corner by a window, so I get a lot of natural light, but this isn't the best setting for video...More